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  • 耐火ケーブル(FTP)用の常温収縮形直線接続材料

  • 上越を越えて 奥清津秩父線(架線編)

  • 奥秩父に挑む 新秩父栃木線(鉄塔編)

  • いいたてまでいな再エネ発電所

  • 石巻泊浜太陽光発電所

  • 洋野角浜太陽光発電所

  • 内線工事紹介

  • 2018年会社案内

  • 2015年会社案内

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about us

The spirit of Toko Electrical Construction
It is to hone our skills and do our best
for people and society

The Great Kanto Earthquake caused unprecedented damage to the
Tokyo metropolitan area in 1918.
After that, Toko Shokai, a joint-stock company, was established to
take charge of the reconstruction of electric lamps.
We have supported postwar reconstruction and high economic growth.
I want to be a supporter of society at all times.
We will change ourselves and protect the things that do not change.