Technology and On-site capabilities

Through our full-featured training systems, the original and ingenious ideas created by our employees on-site are promptly passed along to younger employees by those with more experience. For more than 90 years, our Toko technology has continued to have this capability to inherit and pass on such expertise.
The employees in our administrative office departments form the capabilities that support our business organization and technologies, and they also provide the capabilities to create and maintain good relationships with our customers while supporting our technologies in the field. Everything we do is to provide conscientious electrical work.

Technology development through inheritance and innovation


Technical capabilities and training capabilities

To prevent differences in construction quality due to the knowledge or experience of our technicians, in addition to thorough training for new employees, our company has established a quality and safety check system that complies with the relevant laws and regulations. For example, we have check lists with hundreds of items that are shared by all of our sites, and they can be customized for use depending on the projects and construction content.

In addition, we thoroughly eliminate mistakes and leaks by having multiple managers repeatedly check the lists.

Furthermore, these lists are periodically discussed at events where technicians can exchange their ideas, such as at training sessions, and we are always seeking to improve while reflecting the opinions of all the sites. While sharing examples of failures, we are striving to ensure our quality.

Operational capabilities and support capabilities

For all construction work that we are fortunate enough to be entrusted by our customers, we make every effort in our safety construction work to pursue and deliver construction quality that provides even greater value than the original state.

When we have accepted the needs of the customer, in order to be sure that we create exactly what is necessary, all of the involved sections, such as sales, design, integration, cost and materials, all come together to provide on-site backup and work on the required studies and problem-solving.

In addition, as a follow-up for the on-site agent, our managers and directors make regular visits to the work site and provide guidance, and while enhancing communication capabilities leads to a sense of unity both within and outside the company, we aim to make our on-site operations creative, original and vibrant.

Related capabilities and Collaboration capabilities

Our “on-site capabilities” are not only limited to the actual construction sites. We also operate on other venues: our “sales sites” with our network of connections with business partners as well as our “business sites” that support our company’s organization.

We will continue to meet the needs of a new era by supporting our “conscientious electrical work” from a variety of “sites.”

ISO quality registration


2015 (Quality management system: QMS)
Scope of registration: “Design and construction of electrical facilities” for our domestic business. Applies to all of our domestic companies.

ISO quality registration