Overseas business

Our three bases in Asia: Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam

In addition to Thai Toko Engineering, which started operation in 1988, the Myanmar Branch of Thai Toko Engineering was opened in 2016.As the third base, we opened Vietnam Toko Engineering in 2017. These bases provide TOKO technologies to our customers in Southeast Asia, a region seeing remarkable development.

Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

Established: May 1988
Capital: 10 million Baht
At a major industrial park we have 6 bases in Thailand, we are performing construction on the facilities associated with the building of the factories, including construction related to electrical equipment, sanitation equipment, air conditioning equipment, and new energy sources.
With 90 years of expertise in our company's history, as well our track record of 30 years in Thailand, we will most certainly be providing highly reliable equipment.

Thai Toko Engineering Co.,Ltd. Myanmar branch

Established: April 2016
Capital: 50,000 USD
We established the overseas business location in fast-growing country, Myanmar. We offer electrical construction work for Japanese companies entering the local market. And we also design and construct electrical, air-conditioning, and sanitary equipment for local customers.

Vietnam Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

Established: July 2017
Capital: 300,000 USD
The third overseas base of TOKO is opening in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017. Vietnam Toko Engineering proposes design and construction of electrical, air-conditioning and sanitary work to Japanese companies at industrial area. We commit ourselves to get involved with Japanese ODA projects in order to contribute to the  improvement of electrical and mechanical infrastructures in Vietnam.