Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. has established a policy and guidelines that should be followed when using social media, on both a personal and business basis, by all employees, officers as well as external temporary staff and others working on behalf of the Company.
While the Company respects “freedom of expression,” when information is posted through social media simplistically and inappropriately, it can cause discomfort to those using it and moreover we thoroughly recognize that such behavior may have a considerable impact on society. For this reason, the Company promises that we shall address this with common sense and a sincere attitude, and follow and protect all the various relevant laws and regulations, as well as our own “Compliance Charter” and other in-company rules

Social media policy of Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. (Excerpt)

Basic principles of social media use

Basic principles that apply to all employees

  • Employees must comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as the various internal rules established by the Company.
  • Employees must conduct themselves with a sincere attitude without deviating from social norms and without behaving in a manner that is contrary to public order and morals.
  • Employees must respect the dignity and rights of all people and organizations, and must not post content that may lead to discrimination and harassment, as well as strictly not posting slanderous content that is targeted at specific individuals, organizations, ethnic groups, the nation, etc.
  • Employees must not post content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights or personal information of third parties.
  • Employees must not post any content that reveals any undisclosed non-public information internal to the Company (confidential matters, business information, etc.) or information external to the Company (customer information that has been obtained in the course of doing business, information on competitors even without any transactions, etc.).
  • Employees must carefully check the accuracy of the content that they post, and not post content that disseminates groundless, unclear information, contains rumors, or content that may encourage rumors.
  • When posting as a private individual, employees must explicitly make it clear that such opinions are their own and are those of a single individual, and take sufficient care so that such posts are not misunderstood to be expressing the remarks of any third parties or the opinions of the Company.

Official accounts

For use by Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. and the Toko group companies, the following official accounts are currently registered and administered by our relevant social media managers.

Information about these official accounts is available on the Company’s website and on the websites of the Toko group companies.

Information for everyone using our official accounts

Information originating from our Company’s social media accounts is not necessarily intended to represent the Company’s official positions, and the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, utility, etc. of the published content.
Please note that any information to be officially announced will appear on the Company’s websites, in news releases, etc.
The Company shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by the use of information originating from our Company’s social media accounts.
At the Company’s discretion, the official social media accounts operated by the Company may be suspended or terminated without prior notice.
Please refrain from any of the acts listed in items (1) to (14) in the following “Reference” section, such as involving posts and posting link destinations, because such behavior is contrary to maintaining a beneficial environment for users.
Regarding any posts or content that correspond to items (1) to (14) in the “Reference” section, at the Company’s discretion, please note that such content may be deleted or access to the account blocked without prior notice. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused by such action being taken by the Company.

“Administration guidelines for the official Toko social media accounts of Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.” (Excerpt)

Specific indications in user posts and other content that require such content to be deleted

  • Content that violates laws and regulations, or when there is a fear of that occurring
  • Content that may lead to criminal behavior, or when there is a fear of that occurring
  • Content that violates public order and morals, or when there is a fear of that occurring
  • Content that slanders specific individuals or organizations, etc.
  • Content that is intended for political or religious activities
  • Content that is intended for advertising, promotion, solicitation, sales or other for-profit activities
  • Content that infringes on the intellectual property rights, personality rights, etc. of third parties
  • Content that identifies, discloses or divulges personal information or otherwise violates the privacy of an individual without the consent of that individual
  • Content that discriminates against others such as based on race, ideology or belief, or content that encourages such discrimination
  • Content that is false or different from the truth, or content that is merely rumor or content that encourages such rumors
  • Content that impersonates others
  • Content that contains harmful programs or other malware
  • Content that violates the terms and conditions of the respective social media website
  • Any other content that the Toko group deems to be inappropriate

Contacting us about social media

Please contact our general affairs department at our head office with any comments or inquiries related to the usage of social media by Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. or our Toko group companies.
Please refer to our Company’s “Privacy Policy“regarding our handling of personal information.