Breathing life into buildings to support
the development of society

Our core business is the construction of electrical facilities for buildings. We are involved in a wide range of projects, from large-scale projects such as public offices, office buildings, cultural facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels, and amusement parks, to facilities that are closely related to our daily lives.
From post-war reconstruction through the period of rapid economic growth, buildings have become taller and more sophisticated, and we have always provided design and construction services to build optimal electrical facilities. For the development of an affluent society, we will continue to take electrical equipment seriously and connect society and tomorrow as “Toko of Technology.

Indoor wiring work construction results

  • office buildings

    • Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower Completed in 2005
    • JP Tower (Former Tokyo Central Post Office) Completed in 2012
    • Grand Front Osaka Completed in 2013
    • Marunouchi Building・Shin-Marunouchi Building Completed in 2007
    • Dai Nagoya Building Completed in 2016
    • Otemon Tower/JX Building Completed in 2015
  • Infrastructure, government and municipal offices, cultural facilities

    • Tokyo International Forum Completed in 1996
    • Sendai government office complex Completed in 2015
    • Okuda Genso Sayume Art Museum Completed in 2006
    • Japan Patent Office government building Completed in 1989
    • Tokyo International Airport International Passenger Terminal Building (Haneda) Completed in 2014
  • Medical care, education, and hotels

    • Keio Plaza Hotel Completed in 1971
    • Nihon University Hospital Completed in 2014
    • Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, Kyosei-kan Completed in 2008
    • Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) 2015:Phase 1 of laboratory construction plan completed.
    • National Cancer Center, Clinic building Completed in 2014
  • Data center construction

    • Data center construction results: 25 locations nationwide

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