From the past to the present,
from the present to the future

Toko Electrical Construction was founded as Toko Shokai in 1923, immediately after the Great Kanto Earthquake that delivered a devastating blow to the Tokyo metropolitan area, in order to play a role in the recovery of the electric lighting in the city. Our name “Toko” means the sun that universally illuminates the world. Over the more than 90 years since then, we have been earnestly striving to offer electrical work that is true to our corporate motto of “conscientious electrical work backed by superior technology.” And as we approach our upcoming 100th anniversary, we hope to be able to respond to the needs of a new era as well and continue to contribute to society. While carefully building on our long experience and track record of providing conscientious electrical work that is rooted in our founding, we intend to continue to take on new challenges. We are grateful for your kind patronage, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

  • 東光電気工事株式会社取締役会長 馬田 榮の写真

    Toko Electrical Construction.CO.,Ltd.

    Sakae Bada

  • 東光電気工事株式会社取締役社長 青木 宏明の写真

    Toko Electrical Construction.CO.,Ltd.

    Hiroaki Aoki

Management philosophy

By contributing to the creation of prosperous society,
We aim to become an appealing company both in name and substance

  • creative

    Let’s do our jobs by enjoying being creative and with a challenging spirit.

  • customer

    Let’s work to gain the trust of our customers and satisfy them.

  • community

    Let’s aim to create vibrant communities where everyone can feel happy.

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