Real estate business, Nursing care business, and Agricultural production business

We are currently developing corporate real estate (CRE) management and operation strategies based on our cultivated technology and expertise.

  • Real estate business

    The company owns offices and studio apartment buildings in Sapporo, the Tokyo metropolitan area, and Kansai. We are expanding our leasing business. Our technology supports the building environment for greater comfort.

  • Nursing care business

    We have three businesses on the first floor: day-care, home-visit care, and in-home care support. We will continue to develop services that are rooted in the community.
    Toward a Japan where people can live affluently even as they age.
    We want to meet the needs of the times with our assets and technology.
    This is also one of the “conscience” of Toko Electric Works.

  • Agricultural production

    We are working on the production of safe and reliable vegetables and the construction of an agricultural management entity with an eye to the future.
    We will continue to revitalize local agriculture, promote employment, and further develop the “conscience” of Toko Electric in a multifaceted manner.

Business development work construction results

  • Real estate business

    • TK Sarugaku-cho Residence
    • Tokyo Kita Building
    • Sapporo Building
    • TK Sarugaku-cho Building
    • Toko Electrical Construction Building
    • Osaka Kita Building
  • Nursing care business

    • “Lumie Ichikawa” senior citizen residence with services Completed in 2016
    • “Lufran Ogikubo” nursing home for the elderly Completed in 2015
  • Agricultural production

    • Toko Agrifarm Completed in 2014

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