Business development

Real estate business, nursing care business, and agricultural production business

We are currently developing corporate real estate (CRE) management and operation strategies based on our cultivated technology and expertise.

Real estate business

Nursing care business

In April 2015, TOKO acquired the ownership of SEES GARDEN Co., Ltd. which operates a for-profit nursing home for the elderly in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. The facility’s name was changed to TOKO SEES GARDEN Co., Ltd. to make it known that TOKO has entered the nursing care business. In April 2016, a residence serving the elderly was opened in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, on the site where the Company’s family dormitory once stood. Day care, home care, and home care support services are available on the first floor.
TOKO wishes to provide services for the local community with the aim of building a Japan where people can live comfortably as they age. TOKO wishes to respond to the needs of the age with its assets and technology. This represents one aspect of TOKO’s social conscience.

Lufran Ogikubo: 2-3-16 Amanuma, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3392-1831 FAX: 03-3392-1868

Lumie Ichikawa: 4-18-30 Shinden, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
TEL: 047-314-1212 FAX: 047-314-1268

Agricultural production

Toko Agrifarm Co., Ltd was established in September 2014. In June 2015, the First Farm was opened on unused company land, including an aquaculture greenhouse. The Second Farm was opened in January 2016 in the neighborhood of the First Farm for open field cultivation and soil culture in greenhouses. These are in addition to aquaculture greenhousing. TOKO produces safe and healthy vegetables and runs an agricultural business taking into consideration future needs of society. TOKO thus exhibits its social conscience in many ways in the activation of local agriculture and promotion of employment.

Toko Agrifarm