Conscience and history

Our founding motto of
“conscientious electrical work”
is unchanging.
What we are changing is ourselves

Our headquarters in 1964

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck causing unprecedented damage in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Our predecessor, a joint stock company named Toko Shokai, was established immediately thereafter in November to take on the reconstruction of the city’s electric lighting. While undergoing extensive reorganizations in response to the needs of the times from the Great Depression at beginning of Japan’s Showa era in the 1920s through the subsequent Second World War and the turbulent days following, in May 1947 after the end of the war our company was established in the Nishi-Kanda district under its current name of Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. We have supported the post-war reconstruction and high economic growth of the nation.
While placing importance on being conscientious and on technology, we want to meet the changing needs of the times. We want to be a corporate citizen that supports society at all times. And while we are undergoing changes ourselves, we will protect that which should be unchanging.


  1. 1923

    Establishment of Toko Shokai as joint-stock company in Yaesu district of Tokyo

  2. 1927

    Increase in government and school related indoor wiring work

  3. 1930

    Increase in transmission line construction

  4. 1932

    Reorganization and establishment of Toko Shokai Co., Ltd.

  5. 1935

    Beginning of overseas business

  6. 1947

    Establishment of Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.

  7. 1953

    Development of technology for construction of ultra-high-voltage transmission lines in mountainous regions

  8. 1958

    Establishment of Toko Kozai Co., Ltd. (now TK Techno Service)

  9. 1962

    Construction of Chuushi power trunk line using strait crossing overhead wire

  10. 1964

    JNR President Award received for Tokaido Shinkansen construction

  11. 1966

    Completion of former headquarters building

Buildings of the time

  1. 1925

    Bunka Apartment House

  2. 1927

    Former Kojimachi Elementary School

  3. 1936

    Kawasaki Daishi station and vicinity
    (railway power lines)

  4. 1947

    Sasayama VHF radio tower

  5. 1953

    Former Shin-Marunouchi Buillding

  6. 1953

    Nippon Medical School Hospital

  7. 1960

    North Pacific Bank,Head office

  8. 1964

    Keio Department Store

  9. 1966

    Dainagoya Building

  1. 1984

    Establishment of Tatsuno Engineering Office Ltd. (now TK Design Tech)

  2. 1988

    Establishment of Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

  3. 2004

    Establishment of TC Power Line Co.

  4. 2012

    Establishment of Sun Energy Ishinomaki Co. (renewable energy business)

    Establishment of Sun Energy Hirono Co. (renewable energy business)

  5. 2013

    Establishment of Iitate Madeina Taiyokohatsuden Co. (renewable energy business)

    Celebration of 90th anniversary

  6. 2014

    Establishment of PT. Toko Engineering Indonesia

    Completion of new headquarters building

  7. 2015

    SEES GARDEN Co., Ltd. was made a subsidiary in the Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. group and its name was changed to TOKO SEES GARDEN Co., Ltd. (providing nursing care services).

  8. 2016

    Myanmar Branch of Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd. established

    Acquired TK Design Tech, one of our subsidiaries, by absorption-type merger.

  9. 2017

    Establishment of Vietnam Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

  10. 2018

    Establishment of Sun Energy Kawauchi Co., Ltd

  11. 2023

    100th Anniversary

Buildings of the time

  1. 1969

    Kasumigaseki Building

  2. 1974

    Former Industrial Bank of Japan,
    Head office

  3. 1987

    Great Seto Bridg

  4. 1991

    Shinkin Central Bank,Atsugi Center

  5. 1992

    Gunma-Yamanashi 1,000kV power trunk line

  6. 1996

    FCG Building

  7. 2013

    Wind power Kamisu offshore

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