Energy saving of heat source and replacement of refrigeration equipment

By looking at the building as a whole, the five factors (temperature, humidity, airflow, air cleanliness, and illumination) can be properly controlled to save energy, reduce costs, improve comfort, and prevent global warming.
We can propose ways to create a comfortable environment, which is only possible with our extensive knowledge of electrical work.

  • Air conditioning equipment

    The air conditioning system is a building equipment to adjust the indoor environment such as temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness. We propose the creation of an environment for a comfortable stay.

  • Sanitary facilities

    Water supply, hot water supply, drainage, ventilation, sanitary equipment, digestion, gas, and other facilities are indispensable for living in a building or its premises. We provide the best sanitary facilities to meet your requirements.

Environmental equipment work
construction results

  • Air conditioning equipment

    • Hatsutomi Hoken Hospital, West Wing
    • Toyo University, Hakusan Main Campus, Building 1
    • Yomiuri Hall

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