Looking to the future with a focus on wind power, solar power, and biomass power generation

Wind power, solar power, and biomass. Toko Electric has accumulated a number of achievements in the field of renewable energy, which is attracting attention. Our efforts to adapt to the ever-changing energy situation continue to look to the future.

Business features

1. Our three features in the renewable energy business

  • Technical capabilities

    Support by maximizing the know-how and technology cultivated in the transmission line business since its foundation

  • Construction results

    Providing large-scale wind power plants of 2000kw or more from proposal to operation We have built up a track record as a pioneer in the construction of wind power generation.
    At solar power plants, it is possible to handle various manufacturers in Japan and overseas that are manufacturer-free.

  • Independent

    Since it does not belong to the capital series, it is possible to participate in various projects.

2.We provide consistent services from introduction consulting to direct construction and start of operation.

  1. STEP01


  2. STEP02


  3. STEP03

    Prior consultation with the electric power company

  4. STEP04

    Confirmation of permits, subsidies, and laws

  5. STEP05

    Detailed design / process decision

  6. STEP06

    Construction starts

  7. STEP07

    Pre-use safety management examination

  8. STEP08

    Power plant operation started

Renewable energy work construction results

  • windpower

    • Iitate Madeina solar power plant Completed in 2016
    • Wind power Kamisu offshore wind power plant(Phase I, Phase II) Completed in 2011
    • Kaminokuni Wind Farm, Electrical facilities Completed in 2012
  • solarpower

    • Iitate Madeina solar power plant Completed in 2016
    • Ishinomaki Tomarihama solar power plant Completed in 2010
  • biomass

    • Noda Biomass Power Plant Completed in 2016

More Info


  • いいたてまでいな再エネ発電所

  • 石巻泊浜太陽光発電所

  • 洋野角浜太陽光発電所

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