Renewable energy

Wind power generation, solar power generation and Biomass power plant

TOKO constructs facilities, one after another, in the renewable energy fields such as wind, solar and biomass. Our role is to continue making constant adjustments to the ever-changing energy environment.

Ishinomaki Tomarihama solar power plant

Power plant Location/Tomarihama, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
Power plant scale/9.5MW
Interconnection substations/6.6kV/66kV
Interconnection transmission lines/66kV 2.0km
Completed in 2010

Built on farmland that had not been used for many years on the Oshika Peninsula, this is the Tohoku region’s largest solar power plant (9.5 MW). We established, own and operate SPC Sun Energy Ishinomaki for the purpose of helping with the region's post-earthquake reconstruction and disseminating renewable energy. Besides participating in SPC’s construction work, operation and maintenance, we are also working on solar power generation business initiatives.

Wind power Kamisu offshore wind power plant(Phase I, Phase II)

Power plant Location/Offshore Kamisu, Ibaraki Prefecture
Power plant scale/30MW
Wind turbines/2MW×15units
Interconnection substations/22kV/66kV
Interconnection transmission lines/22kV/5.0km
Completed in 2011

We built this wind power plant offshore of Kamisu in Ibaraki Prefecture using our expertise in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). This was Japan’s first construction using monopiles (single pile foundation). The plant withstood the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and continued to operate without any abnormality.

Iitate Madeina solar power plant

Power plant Location/Iitate Village, Soma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
Power plant scale/10MW
Interconnection substations/22kV/66kV
Interconnection transmission lines/66kV 2.0km
To be completed in 2016

The SPC named "Iitate Madeina solar power plant" is a project jointly funded by our company and Iitate village. The solar power plant is to be built in pasture land owned by Iitate, and it is being positioned as a reconstruction project for the village. The name is includes "madei" from the dialect of the Tohoku region which means "carefully" or "deliberately."

Kaminokuni Wind Farm, Electrical facilities

Voltage/33 kV and 66 kV
Zones/33 kV section:Inside Kaminokuni-cho, route length:about 4 km
66 kV section:Kaminokuni-cho to Esashi-cho, route length:about 6 km, steel towers:19
Interconnection transmission lines/66kV 2.0km
Completed in 2012

In order to interconnect large-scale wind power plants (2.4 MW × 12 units) to the Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., we are laying 10 km long transmission lines. We were In charge of the design and construction of this project. And need to carry the equipment using a helicopter at the point that passes through a mountainous region.

Noda Biomass Power Plant

Power plant location/Noda-mura, Kunohe-gun, Iwate prefecture
Power plant scale/14MW
Interconnected substation/6.6kV/66kV
Completed in 2016

Carbon-neutral woody biomass is used to generate 14MW. Of the biomass fuel requirements of 140,000 tons/year, more than 70% are obtained domestically. The plant premises are approximately 30,000 m2, including the area for the cinder recycling plant. The plant is expected to start operation in 2016.