Toko Electric is engaged in a wide range of businesses, focusing on internal and external line construction.
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Overseas business WORKS

  • Overseas business



    Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

    We have six bases in Thailand and provide electrical, sanitary, air conditioning, and new energy-related construction services for factory construction in major industrial parks. We provide reliable equipment based on the high quality of Toko's 90 years of experience and 30 years of experience in Thailand.

  • Overseas business



    Toko Myanmar Co., Ltd.

    We established a sales office in Myanmar, which is growing rapidly. We provide design and construction of electrical, air-conditioning, and sanitary facilities, with a focus on electrical work for Japanese companies entering the local market. We will also contribute to the infrastructure development of power transmission and distribution facilities in Myanmar.

  • Overseas business



    Vietnam Toko Engineering Co., Ltd.

    The third overseas base of Toko Electric is established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We provide design and construction services for electrical, air conditioning, and sanitary facilities, focusing on electrical work for Japanese companies expanding into the local market. We also aim to participate in ODA projects of the Japanese government, and contribute to the development of electrical and facility infrastructure in Vietnam.

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