Outdoor wiring

Transmission business

Towada-Kitakami power trunk line

Voltage/5,000 kV
Transmission line/SBACSR 540 mm2(4 conductors)
Section/Towada power trunk line (Towada in Aomori Prefecture to Sannohe-machi, 12.5 km route length, 29 steel towers)
Kitakami power trunk line (Osaki in Miyagi Prefecture to Kami-machi, 15.6 km route length, 37 steel towers)
Completed in 2010
The Towada-Kitakami power trunk line was built to serve as transport for power supply to the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture and as an artery for the power supply network in the Tohoku area. With an overall length of 300 km using 717 steel towers, the scale of these large backbone transmission lines is the largest in the nation, and we were responsible for the construction of 4 sections of the Towada power trunk line and 10 sections of the Kitakami power trunk line.

Higashi-Nagoya branch line

Voltage/2,750 kV
Transmission line/ACSR 410 mm2 (Double conductor)
Section/1.8 km section, wire replacement
Completed in 2010
To stabilize the power supply and enable equipment updates in the Nagoya district, we performed wire replacement work.

Joetsu thermal power line

Voltage/2,750 kV
Transmission line/TACSR/AC 410sq(4 conductors)×2cct
Section/Nagasawa, Myoko-shi, Niigata to Iiyama-shi, Nagano to Nagae, Nakano-shi
14.4km route length, 28 steel towers
Completed in 2010
It was built as a power transmission line for the Joetsu thermal power station construction.

2nd Hamaoka trunk line

Voltage/5,000 kV
Transmission line/LN-TACSR/AC1160sq(3conductors) ×2cct
Section/Hamaoka-cho, Ogasa-gun, Shizuoka to Ogasa-cho.
7.1 km route length, 14 steel towers
Completed in 2004
It was built as a power transmission line for the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant fifth unit construction.
It uses 3 conductors which is charactaristic of Chubu Electric Power.

Nishijobu trunk line

This 5,000 kV transmission line construction project comprised a total length of 110.4 km connecting the Nishi-Gunma switching station (Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture) and the Shin-Tokorozawa substation (Tsurugashima-shi, Saitama Prefecture). From 2006 to 2014, our company undertook the construction on these sections: Shibukawa-Misato 1, Misato Seimo 2, Nishi-Gunma Shibukawa 3, and Seimo Nagatoro 1.

Boso line

Voltage/5,000 kV
Transmission line/ACSR/AC810mm2
Completed in 2015
The Boso line is an important Keiyo section connecting the Shin-Keiyo substation and the Boso substation. Nationwide there have been few records of large-scale steel tower replacement, but we successfully completed the four conductor wire transfer and temporary construction work.

Main equipment list

Name Specification Quantity
Jib crane 36t-m class 7 groups
Climbing crane 36t-m class 5 groups
10t -m class 1 group
Extension line car φ 1.5m, electric winder 12 units
φ 1.2m, electric winder 13 units
φ 1.0m, electric winder 12 units
Overhead line winch Hydraulic 5t winder (crawler type) 2 units
Hydraulic 3t winder (crawler type) 6 units
Hydraulic drum stand Hydraulic winding type 15 units
Disassembling type 5 units
OPGW drum stand Hydraulic type 5 units
Reel winder Engine-powered 26 units
Electric-powered 14 units
Tensing wire winch Hydraulic 3.0t winder (crawler type) 6 units
Hydraulic 2.5t winder (crawler type) 43 units
Hydraulic 2.0t winder (crawler type) 32 units
Hydraulic compressor 100t・200t 37 units
Metal wheel φ 800, urethane 21 parts
φ 600, urethane 420 parts
φ 600×3-wheel, urethane 50 parts
φ 450, urethane 70 parts
φ 300, urethane 78 parts
φ 800, OPGW narrow groove 18 parts
φ 300, steel plate 44 parts
Suspension metal wheel, 6-sided 100 parts
Suspension metal wheel, up-down, 2-wheel 1750 parts
Windmill carrier 3 types 270 parts
Metal wheel Crawler-type, OPGW 120 4 units
Crawler-type, OPGW 300 20 units
Crawler-type, OPGW 290 13 units
For tensing wire, φ 90 × 1 wheel 547 parts
For tensing wire, φ 90 × 2-wheel 314 parts
For tensing wire, φ 120 × 1 wheel 170 parts
For tensing wire, φ 120 × 2-wheel 110 parts
Protector For 1160sq 16 parts
For 810sq 232 parts
For 410sq 14 parts
Steel tower For scaffolding, H=50m 2 groups
Steel pole For scaffolding, L75 275 sections
Key lock rope Various types 1 set

We also rent equipment.

Transport business

Our transportation business that also makes up the arteries that connect cities and people.
Railway electrical equipment that supports the infrastructures of cities, such used by the Shinkansen and the Japan Railway companies.
Road electrical equipment, such as used in tunnels and on bridges.
Our technical capabilities, backed up by our many years of experience and track record, are very highly regarded.

Tokaido Shinkansen

Tokaido Shinkansen
Since the operation of the Shinkansen began, we have been maintaining overhead lines for railways in the Tokyo area (including the Oi train yard).
(Photo courtesy of JR Tokai)

Metropolitan Expressway

Metropolitan Expressway
Completed in 2010
We performed electrical equipment construction work on the central circular Route (Yamate tunnel) between Nishi-Shinjuku junction and Ohashi junction.

Tsukuba Express

Completed in 2005
We performed electrical equipment construction work at Minami-nagareyama Station.